About us

Supporting Paws is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that trains assistance and companion dogs for a variety of disabilities and needs.

Supporting Paws has two directors, both passionate about how an assistance dog can enhance and change the lives of an entire family.

Kate is an experienced canine behaviourist and trainer, striving to get the best out of canine and human partnerships. Responsible for the training of our dogs, Kate ensures they all reach the required standards and remain happy and confident throughout the training process. Our dogs are trained using positive reward based training only. Kate is a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Training (IMDT).

Charlotte is the contact for families making applications and for those accepted on to our programmes. Charlotte is autistic and is the parent of a young person with a variety of disabilities and medical conditions. As a teacher, Charlotte has experience of working with several children and young people with a variety of additional needs. Charlotte has studied autism to postgraduate level as well as being trained in a variety of autism therapies and interventions. In August 2022, Parenting Rewired, a book which was co-authored by Charlotte was published.

We offer a high quality service tailored to the individual needs of each client. We are updating our programmes and these will be launched in June 2023.

A Supporting Paws buddy is able to enjoy a cafe with the support of his dog.

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