Autism advice

While we work with a range of neuro disabilities at Supporting Paws, our primary focus is autism.

If you are looking for training, advice on Autism and ADHD. Please visit Autability.

IfMany parents come to us iF § for help, advice and a listening ear. As an organisation we work closely with Danielle Punter who writes the blog ‘The Autism & ADHD Diaries’. Danielle is diagnosed ADHD and has an autistic and ADHD son.I

You can follow The Autism & ADHD Diaries blog by clicking on the following links:

Autism & ADHD Diaries Website

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Autism & ADHD Diaries Instagram

Autism & ADHD Diaries Podcast

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Charlotte (Supporting Paws director) and Danielle are currently writing a book, due to be published in 2022, on how to re evaluate parenting approaches when raising autistic children. The book is commissioned and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.